June 13, 2016

Sample Curriculum

At Millrose Center, our trained staff focuses on providing enrichment opportunities that foster each of our clients’ individual personal growth. Each of our programs are designed to develop each client’s daily living skills, promote personal health and safety, enhance social and communication abilities, and provide goal-oriented activities. Our goal is to help each of our clients increase their independence, productivity, and understanding of interpersonal relationships through a combination of individualized care and program activities.

Our programing is tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs. Services include, but are not limited to, training in daily living skills, communication skills and social skills such as:

  • Math/money management– designed to teach and improve basic math & money skills with the use of real coins.
  • Categorization-identifying &matching colors, shapes, and sizes usingplastic blocks.
  • Literacy– the use of picture books, workbooks, flash cards, and basic web browsing.
  • Communication– we foster an environment where both verbal and non-verbal cues are developed and encouraged.
  • Science and nature– information about animals, the environment, and our planet.
  • Physical fitness-an elliptical, and stationary bike are offered in a monitored setting.
  • Fine arts– clients are encouraged to express themselves through drawing, music, painting, dancing, and sculpting with clay.
  • Socialization-instructions in social etiquettesuch as sharing, speaking, turn taking, and listening.
  • Life skills-grooming, hygiene, and household chores.
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