June 13, 2016


Millrose is a great facility! The staff takes really good care of my son Andy. He requires a lot of attention and the staff their makes sure he is happy. Most of the time he does not want to leave. I would definitely recommend Millrose.” –Glenn,* January 2012

“I am really happy I chose Millrose Center for my son Alex who has autism. Alex cannot use the bathroom on his own and I never have an issue with him coming home dirty. The staff is well trained, friendly, attentive, and clean.  I would definitely recommend Millrose Center to those looking for a warm, welcoming, home environment for their loved ones.” –Jenny,* September 2015

“Our family is very grateful for the care that has been provided to our daughter at Millrose Center. She has been going there for over two years and has made many friends. They are always doing activities that keep her entertained and engaged. I could not ask for more in a day hab!” –Morgan,*March 2014

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring of my son. I am very happy when I see him entering Millrose Center with smily face.” –Tina,*Nov 2022


*Please note that HIPAA prevents us from sharing the full names of either our clients or their guardians.

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