June 13, 2016

Meals & Nutrition

At Millrose Center, each of our clients is provided with a variety and nutritionally balanced meals. All meals are subsidized through the Texas Department of Agriculture, and Medicaid.

Each breakfast includes one cup of 1% milk, one half-cup serving of fruit and one serving of grains – such as pancakes, cereal or oatmeal. Lunches all include servings of milk or juice, two selections of fruits and/or vegetables, one serving of grain – such as pasta or rice, and one serving of meat. Snacks vary throughout the month and include nutritious offerings such as yogurt, fresh fruit and goldfish crackers.

Sample Breakfasts: 1 Cup of Oatmeal
Half-Cup of Pineapple
1 Cup of 1% Milk

Half-Cup of Banana
1 Cup of 1% Milk

Bran Muffin
Half-Cup of Grapes
1 Cup of 1% Milk

Sample Lunches: Sloppy Joes
Potato Salad

Choice of Milk or Juice
Beef Hamburger on a Bun
Lettuce and Tomato

Baked French Fries
Beef Hamburger Helper with Elbow Macaroni

Sample Snacks: Yogurt and Cranberry Juice

Goldfish crackers and orange slices

One slice of bread with peanut butter

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