June 13, 2016


Curriculum-Based Learning and Enrichment

Millrose center is committed to providing each of our clients with enrichment opportunities that foster each individual’s personal growth. Our programming includes, but is not limited to training related to daily living skills, communication skills and social skills. For more information about our curriculum, please visit our Sample Curriculum page.



Food program subsidized by Texas Department of Agriculture:

Millrose Center provides free breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks for individuals with Medicaid.



In our workshop, our clients practice a variety of skills including ranging from life-skills that enhance dexterity, such as wrapping silverware with a napkin to practicing fine motor skills through activities such as shredding documents.


My Garden

Millrose Center’s new garden space provides an opportunity for our clients to learn about how plants grow – from planting seeds to caring for plants to harvesting vegetables.


Field trip: Beginning September 2016,  Millrose Center will offer clients the opportunity to participate in a field trip to local attractions, such as bowling alleys and parks. Our clients parents or guardians must pay a small fee to cover the costs of each field trip. Additionally, clients who use a wheelchair must be accompanied by a family volunteer. Millrose center can assist clients with transportation for field trips using our vehicle with a lifter.


Art: Millrose Center provides many opportunities for our clients to express themselves using a variety of creative mediums including drawing, painting and clay sculpture.


Music-TV Room: Our center offers clients opportunities to engage with music and video in our TV-Music room. Our clients learn to organize sound into musical compositions using concepts such as pitch duration and dynamics.

Computer: Our computer lab offers clients an opportunity to engage with individualized instruction. Computer-based learning enables our clients to become active learners as they learn to control and interact with the computer, and improve their work habits and study skills.


Outdoor Area:


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